It's hard to believe that another election season has come on and gone. It seemed like yesterday when we were all listening to our radios, watching our computers, or any other device waiting for the returns of the 2018 midterm elections.

The governor's race featured Lieutenant Governor Brad Little battling State Representative Paulette Jordan. Mrs. Jordan garnered almost forty percent of the vote despite running one of the worst political campaigns in our state's history. Four years later, the Democrats have not mounted a serious effort to challenge Governor Little.

Our message to you today is a message of thanks. First, thank you for engaging in local and state politics. Our Constitutional Republic depends on an informed and passionate electorate.

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Second, a thank you to the volunteers who work the polls, ensuring our election process is credible and secure.

Third, thank everyone who makes it to the polls and exercises their Constitutional right. Regardless of your choice of candidate, thank you for voting; our country is a better place when Idahoans vote.


Fourth, working on a political campaign at any level takes work. I've had family members who've volunteered and been paid campaign operatives. The job requires emotions, knowledge, and the ability to execute a lot of grunt work. Most campaign workers are unpaid volunteers who work for free because they believe in the candidate or are friends or family members.

Finally, a thank you to all the believers who put their names on the ballot, bought campaign signs, and painfully put them up all over the state. When others complain about the state of things and do nothing, you spend your money and take time away from your job and family to improve the process. The public will never know 'what it takes' to run for office, but we want to thank you for entering the arena. Regardless if you win or lose, you're the winner in our book.

We'll miss the Robo calls, the politico texts, the yard signs, the radio ads, and the endless pieces of direct mail. Then again, it won't be long until we'll all be back at it again.

Thank You!

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