I don't do bugs well to begin with, but these I'm extra terrified to kill these creepy crawlies! 

When I got home from work on Monday, I was sitting on my couch when both my cat and I noticed some extremely large bug buzzing around the dome light the living room. My husband's allergic to bees, so I knew if it was a bee or wasp, I was going to have to kill it or get it out of the house before he got home.  Now that the Treasure Valley's had it's first frost, it's not hard to bonk those with a magazine without getting stung.

When it eventually landed, I quickly realized that it wasn't a bee...but one of these!

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media
Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media

YUCK! I have no idea what this bug is, but they are EVERYWHERE in my apartment complex right now and they're BIG!

They remind me of the stink bugs that we used to get at my dad's house in Ohio every summer.  I'm afraid if I crush it, it's going to smell like something died in my apartments for hours. Do you know what they are and/or how to get rid of them? HELP!!!

BTW, my much braver husband eventually caught the one that my cat and I had been watching for hours in a tupperware container and took it back outside once he got home from work...but not until after he kept putting the container in my face.  This is grounds for divorce, right?! 

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