It was reported that Gmail had been hacked and up to 5 million passwords were leaked. The Gmail part is not true, however, the password part is. Many people use the same password for multiple accounts. If that's you, keep reading. 


The list was leaked a while ago but since changing or remembering a password is such a pain, many use the same password for multiple logins. Let's get back in control and out of that vulnerable state. Here's what you can do:

  • Change your passwords. This is the simplest process. Read below for a tip on how to create unique passwords for each of your accounts and actually remember them.
  • Lifehacker suggests you check this list to see if you find your email. If so, you've been leaked.


Password Creation Suggestions:

  1. Have you tried 2-Step Verification for your passwords? Maybe give it a try if you are worried about being hacked. It's an extra step of protection.
  2. Another option that someone shared with me is to use one password but end it with what you are logging into. Or start it with it. Or put it in the middle. Wherever you place it, stay consistent throughout all your accounts. For example: If you're logging into your Target account, your Apple account and your Gmail account, set your password to be something like: F0r3verP@$sw0rDTarget,  F0r3verP@$sw0rDApple,  F0r3verP@$sw0rDGmail. It's a good idea to add in numbers, symbols and use all cases with your letters. Perhaps don't spell out an actual word. Once you get the hang of your "root password" the rest is just a simple question of "what account am I logging into?"

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