Boise municipal pools won't open in 2020. Ada County admits they have more questions than answers when it comes to the future of float season. Roaring Springs is optimistic about a potential opening weekend in late May and has a plan in place if that timing is right. 

Temperatures will be up in the 80s again by next weekend, so how do we cool down ASAP? If you've got a pick-up truck in the family, you may just want to check this out!

For just under $40, Walmart is selling a Summer Waves Inflatable Truck Bed Pool that can turn your driveway into a fun place to cool down. The pool's official retail price is $39.97. We did a quick check of Walmart's website for local inventory and it looks like the pool is currently in stock at these Treasure Valley Walmarts:

  • Meridian - 795 West Overland
  • Meridian - 4051 E Fairview Ave
  • Caldwell - 5108 Cleveland Blvd

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