A few weeks ago, I tried Rent the Runway for the first time. After I got the delivery notification, I was so excited to see the gorgeous gown that I'd be wearing to the Canyon County Festival of Trees Gala.  My heart sunk when the box was missing from my door when I got home.

I'd chosen to rent a ballgown because, at the time, I really didn't have the funds to purchase a new one of my own.  Now nearly $1300 in gowns were missing from my front door?! Before I had a panic attack, I decided to check in our apartment office even though my delivery notification from FedEx said that it had been delivered to my door.  They hadn't seen it either, but suggested looking around our building because they did see the FedEx truck over there a few hours prior.

The guys in that office were my heroes.  Somehow the address label was completely messed up and had two apartment numbers listed on it (none of which were mind) so FedEx just took a guess and left it outside the first number on the list. ::PHEW::

But what if you aren't as lucky and you package DOES get stolen? Value Penguin offers a few tips:

Track Your Package

I'd venture to say 99% of retailers give you some sort of option to track your package.  You may have to log into your account to see the status or they'll e-mail you a tracking number.  This time of year it's not totally uncommon for packages to get delayed.  Double check your tracking info to make sure that it was actually delivered.

Ask a Neighbor/Look Around

If you're neighbors are as friendly as ours (yes, even after my husband threw a grill through their window) they may have seen the package outside your door and grabbed it to keep it safe until you got home from your.

Contact the Seller or Retailer

Depending you ordered from, they may have a policy regarding stolen packages where they'll issue you a refund or replace for your item.  Amazon's among those retailers and can even help you if one of their third party "Amazon Sellers" don't answer you within two business days.

File a Claim With the Shipping Company

If the retailer you originally purchased your item from places blame on the shipping company, you can try filing a claim with the company that delivered your package.  You can find the links to file that claim with FedEx, UPS, USPS or DHL HERE.

It's worth nothing that if you were willing to take a chance on an expensive item being delivered to your home while you're not present, there's a chance your homeowners or renters insurance may cover your stolen package.  Unfortunately, that package would need to a lot more expensive than your deductible and if you file a claim, there's a chance that your monthly or annual payments may rise.

I'm relieved that my box of gowns turned up, but a friend of mine wasn't so lucky.  She really did have a package stolen a few days ago (joke's on the thief, they got away with tire covers) and used the tips above to have a replacement sent! Hopefully, you have good lucky with them too.

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