Remember that guy I told you about back in February, that was eating nothing but spuds for a year?  Idaho should make this guy its potato-loving poster child.

And he's having some major weight loss success!  But it's not all good news.

Andrew Taylor is from Australia, and decided in January he was going to eat all potatoes for a year, from baked potatoes to potato pancakes, to who knows what. He says he's doing it to beat a food addiction, and not necessarily for weight loss.  And not to make Idaho happy either, but we're watching.

In addition to the 70 pound weight loss (or 32 kilos as he puts it), the potato diet has lowered his cholesterol too.  So there are benefits to eating nothing but potatoes.

Doctors are worried though about his iron level, without any meats or dark greens in his diet.  They said the evidence of an iron deficiency might not show up for 100 days, and he's approaching that now.

Health risks aside, wouldn't you get bored to death eating the same food every day?

We're still waiting to see if he makes it onto the Famous Idaho Potato Tour that's traveling the country.  It's in Kentucky and Tennessee this month, and comes back around to Idaho in September and October.

Taylor may be ready for a burger by then.