Between your kids’ activities, days full of meetings at work and sitting in traffic, there are some afternoons where you’re totally drained by the time you walk through the front door. 

Madurai Virundhu
Madurai Virundhu

You cringe as you reach for the doorknob because you know exactly what you’re going to hear as soon as you open the door. “Hey, mom! What’s for dinner?” You’ve got a pantry full of ingredients to work with, but the truth is you haven’t had enough time to decompress and think about what to cook. 

You don’t want to keep the family waiting, but you really need an hour to kick off those uncomfortable work shoes, take off your bra and watch something on Netflix before you have to adult again. 

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If you can tell it’s going to be one of those days with at least an hour left in the workday, takeout is always a fantastic option! Whether you’re calling ahead or ordering online, these Boise area restaurants won’t let you down. Just swing by, grab your boxes and let the family dig into them when you put dinner on the kitchen table! 

To put this list together, we looked at the top-rated restaurants offering takeout on Yelp and added in a few favorites suggested by our listeners that didn’t make the Top 10. (After all, many Yelp reviewers are visiting from out of town. Locals' opinions should carry more weight!) 

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