Everybody has that friend that is hard to buy gifts for. They either already have everything or don't talk about their lives enough for you to know what would be a great gift. Maybe you have an online shopping addiction, but you haven't been able to find anything to buy lately. Whatever the reason, I recently came across a website called "ThisIsWhyImBroke.com."

This site showcases some of the most unique items that you could possibly find on the internet. The site can be organized based on who you're giving your gift to, the occasion, and more. A very quick browse led me to find an actual murder hornet selling for $47 and my personal favorite, a cheese printer. I need one to take an image from my phone and transfer it onto a slice of cheese. At the cost of $7.99, I will be ordering mine on payday for sure.

The website gets to be even more fun when you use the search box to get more specific. For example, if you type in "Idaho." Only four items are in the Idaho section. All four of those items are potato related.

The Idaho related gifts at ThisIsWhyImBroke.com include an overnight stay inside a potato, a single room AirBnB shaped like a potato, not too far from the Treasure Valley. The cost per night is around $200.

There is also a personalized potato parcel, which was featured on Shark Tank. You can upload your photo or message and have it delivered to an unsuspecting recipient.

Finally, there is the Shocking Potato Party Game. The game is basically "Hot Potato," except this potato isn't hot, it's shocking!

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