Honestly, we're having a hard time trying to come up with the proper words to describe this truly bizarre home on the Boise Bench. Old? Sure. Expensive? Absolutely. But that's just scratching the surface. 

The house in question is located at 2679 W Palouse Street. It went on the market in June for $850,000. After failing to sell, the price dropped to $650,000 and apparently that price is right for one buyer! When we checked this morning, there's a pending offer on the house!

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The four bedroom, three bedroom home was built in 1949 but it's quirky decor really makes it feel like its stuck in the '70s. As our receptionist and I clicked through the photos, she blurted out "I think Elvis may have lived here." When you see the stained glass windows and mirror in the dining room of this home, it's not an outrageous comparison. It really does have a Graceland feel! The Bench has a reputation for each street offering a different story and architectural experience, but this is really different than anything else we've seen in the neighborhood!

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Through the magic of Facebook, we connected with Kathryn, niece of this home's former owners and got to learn a little more about it! She tells us that her aunt's family is from Spain so when they added the addition on to the home, it was fashioned to look like a home from Spain. The couple would travel to Spain, bringing back something for the quirky home after every trip. Kathryn's uncle made the chairs and tables in the basement out of oak barrels. He also did the iron and tile work. The stained class was done by her aunt.

The listing agent used the word "ornate" to describe both the indoor and outdoor style of the home. We'll roll with that because we can't think of a more appropriate word. However, we know that our listeners are always VERY vocal when it comes to one of our real estate articles so take this as an invitation to tell us the first word that pops into your mind as you scroll through the photos!

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The house in question is located at 2679 W Palouse Street and will set you back a cool $650,000. At 3,613 square feet, it's actually a better value per square foot than the cheapest and much smaller home on the market in Boise. It was built in 1949, but very much feels like it's stuck the '70s.

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