If you're thinking "it's got to be turkey because turkey deep fryers are dangerous," guess again. This is something we learned the hard way at our own home a few years ago.

With smaller Thanksgiving celebrations becoming the norm this year and many people trying their hand at recipes that they've never tried before, I feel like this is the proper time to share a cautionary tale from our Thanksgiving 2018.

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In any other year, we normally invite over all of our misfit friends that we know that don't have anywhere else to celebrate the holiday. This is hubby's time to shine. Once I'm done perfecting my grandma's stuffing recipe, I'm not allowed in the kitchen...at all. In fact, I pretty much get banned to the clubhouse to make sure the table is set and that the TV is working properly for the late NFL game.

That's why I was shocked on Thanksgiving Day 2018, I got a text from my husband asking me to run across the parking lot to the apartment ASAP. I ran up the stairs to find our front door, balcony door and all of the windows open.  Walking into the apartment, all I could smell was smoke. All I could see was the haze left behind the smoke and my husband standing there with the oven door wide open.

"What the heck happened here?!"

"The onions. They're flammable."

"What onions? The onions in my stuffing?!"

"No. The French's onions. They're flammable. I had no idea."

Apparently, my husband had managed to hit the onions on top of his green bean casserole off the heating element in our oven causing the entire top layer of it to catch on fire. He ran out to the balcony carrying the pan and almost tossed the flaming side dish over the rail...until he caught himself and quickly realized this would be a horrible sequel to throwing a grill through the neighbor's living room window just months before.

So...he set it down...next to the propane tank for the grille. Nothing exploded. Thank goodness. The kitchen smelled like a bonfire for the next few days, but everyone made it out alive!

Because of my lovable (though not always bright) husband, I'm officially calling green bean casserole the most dangerous Thanksgiving food in Boise.

...also, no one other than my husband and I ate the damn casserole in the end. I don't even like green bean casserole, but I ate it since it almost killed everyone in our apartment building.

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