Janelle, Lyle, Gloria and Christie all took time out of their mornings to help us kick off the weekend with "Feel Good Friday!" We're hoping that spreading that good karma all over the Treasure Valley helps us win the Mega Millions and Power Ball drawings!

I made a deal with our LITE-FM listeners that if you participated in "Feel Good Friday" today by calling and telling me something good, I'd put you our office pool for tonight's $1 billion  Mega Millions drawing and Saturday's $470 Powerball drawing.  Lyle T. called to tell us that he and his wife are expecting a baby girl next month on November 23.  That's my husband's birthday so I'm pretty sure that doubles our good karma! We'd love to win this little family some cash as they prepare for baby #2.

Janelle P. called to tell us that she's making a trip to a little town in Utah to be an honored guest at one of her high school best friend's son's wedding! I promised not to call her during the ceremony if we hit the big jackpot because I don't want to interrupt such a beautiful occasion.  If we hit it big, she'll be using part of her winnings to help her friend who's battling a brain tumor with medical bills.

Gloria M. is new to the Treasure Valley and wanted to let us know that listening to LITE-FM while she was walking on her treadmill wasn't just a good thing, but a FANTASTIC thing.  Flattery got her everywhere and we gave her a spot in the office pool.  She'd love to have her share of the winnings to help out her children and her parents.

Christie T. snuck into the pool on Thursday by having the LITE-FM mobile app downloaded on her phone.  The amount of money we'd win is so large that she doesn't know where she'd start spending it!

Meanwhile...I'll spend mine on a backyard roller coaster because I'm a six year old.

After the I went to the luckiest lottery retailer in the entire country, Jacksons #10 on Orchard and bought five Mega Millions tickets.  I picked up 5 Powerball tickets as well. If we hit on any of these numbers tonight, we'll take the cash payout and split it between the five of us.  In the Mega Millions we'd each clean up with $113 million.  In the Powerball we'd still get a respectable $53 million a piece.

Wish us luck!

Mega Millions

Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media
Michelle Heart, Townsquare Media



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