Some of these we totally agree with. Others of them make us ask "are you guys, ok?!" 

Raise your hand if you had never heard the term "comfort show" prior to 2020. You're not alone. The term is relatively new to the source for fad terms that aren't officially in a real dictionary, Urban Dictionary. The top definition for comfort show wasn't added until April 12, 2021. It's defined as "a televisions series that one watches to feel less terrible  and a show that evokes many positive/lovely feelings in that one person."

Whether we realized it was happening or not, many of us chose a "comfort show" to get us through 2020 and the beginning half of this year. We started watching it because we were curious. We kept watching because it was really good. We're re-watching it because the real world kind of sucks and it's now become our escape from reality/only thing that truly brings us joy. So...which show is it for you?

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It took my husband rolling his eyes and challenging me about how many times I've watched Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. for me to realize "OMG, I have a comfort show." I started watching it because I'd finally caught up on the handful of Marvel movies I'd never seen and was curious about the Marvel TV shows. I'm not exactly sure at what point I became incredibly invested in these characters' lives but I felt a bond with them as I watched the series through the first time. When the seventh and final season wrapped on ABC in August, I found myself asking "well now what?!" So, I started watching it from the beginning again. It got even better the second time around. The third time? I'm more invested than I've ever been. Superheroes, alien races and time travel may not sound like a "comfort show" but then again...neither do some of the ones that YOU'RE watching.

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We conducted a (totally unscientific) survey of our listeners to determine which TV shows became Boise's "comfort shows" over the past year. Based on what you told us, these are the TV shows you would've cracked without.

#1: Schitt's Creek

Where to Watch It: Netflix Number of Seasons: 6

#2: The Office

Where to Watch It: Peacock Number of Seasons: 9

#3: Parks and Rec

Where to Watch It: Peacock Number of Seasons: 7

#4: NCIS

Where to Watch It: Netflix Number of Seasons: 18

#5: Criminal Minds

Where to Watch It: Netflix Number of Seasons: 15

#6: Dateline

Where to Watch It: Peacock and NBC Number of Seasons: 29

#7: Letterkenny

Where to Watch It: Hulu Number of Seasons: 9

#8: Grey's Anatomy

Where to Watch It: Netflix Number of Seasons: 17

#9: Gilmore Girls

Where to Watch It: Netflix Number of Seasons: 7 + "A Year in the Life" Mini Series

#10: Survivor

Where to Watch It: Hulu Number of Seasons: 40

#11: New Girl

Where to Watch: Netflix Number of Seasons: 7

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