If you're like me, weekends include a trip to Albertson's to stock up.

Good news...If you came home with an SUV full of a mix of name-brand things and generics, you probably did it right.

There are some things we should buy generic and some things we shouldn't, and there's a key to telling the difference.

TIME Money says these things are the best to buy generic:


Spices and Seasonings



Generic drugs can save us a ton of money and we don't have to sacrifice quality because the ingredients are usually the same.  But cereal?  The generic raisin flake cereal seems to have a lot less raisins.  That one might be debatable.

These are the things to avoid buying generic, and hopefully you haven't discovered this the hard way.

Toilet Paper

Major Electronics


Generic cheese has too many fillers and additives in it, according to the experts, and it might melt funny and taste a lot different.  And about toilet paper the electronics, well, you don't want either one of those breaking down on you.

The key to knowing when to buy generic foods and when to buy name-brand comes down to reading the label.  If the ingredients are the same, buy generic.  Same goes for medications.  The toilet paper thing might have to be tested, unfortunately.

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I'm just trying to free up some extra spending money for you so you have more to spend on beer and football tickets this fall.  Because those are two things that will never be um, generic.