As time goes we will introduce you to different family members including our fur family.

This is Buddy.  Buddy came to us about 12 years ago.  We were boarding our horses at Williams ranch when we met Buddy, well he made sure we met him.  We would go to clean our horse stalls every day and Buddy would call to us from the other side of the barn.  Soon enough we moved Buddy to our side, started taking care of him and then, yes, bought him and made him a member of our family.






Buddy is 29 this year.  For a horse that's like being about 80 in human years, but you would never know it.  Even our vet Matt Woddington says he looks and acts like he's 16.






Buddy is also very smart and knows when you aren't.  He will answer "yes", "no" and "Maybe" if you ask him questions.  Buddy is also the one horse we have that will take care of you when you haven't ridden in awhile.  If a plastic bag comes rolling along he will just stand and look at it, while the other horses run for their lives.

Buddy also doesn't take for granted all this cushy horse living, he has his own indoor stall that gets cleaned every day, so he makes sure it needs cleaned.  We swear he parties like a rock star, if a rock star were a horse.

So if you ever come to the Mee ranch, expect to meet Buddy.  Be sure to bring an apple and a few questions, 'cause he loves to talk.



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