Yesterday afternoon our internet at the house went down.  After talking with three different tech's on the phone (the first two from India), with each one going through the same steps, they finally figured it was something besides our modem.  On hour, three different people named Susan (even the guy from India), 45 minutes on hold and they figured out what I told them in the first place. It was the best afternoon/evening I've had in years.

I went outside with the dogs, cleaned horse stalls and then moved two tons of hay in the barn. After I showered, I cleaned the kitchen again, scrubbed the tile floors and there is a bunch of tile at our place, flipped and folded two loads of laundry and fixed dinner. Sorry if I dashed any notions you all had about our celebrity lifestyle, oh yeah baby we have one Kardashian moment after another....NOT.  On the other hand I used it as a workout and lost two and a half pounds, until I ate later, but that doesn't count.

I got to thinking about how big we are getting as Americans and I'm now going to blame it on the internet.  Think if everyone could lose two and a half pounds a night.  The Biggest Loser would completely recreate their gym into a barn, laundry room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. I can just hear the trainers now, "com on sling that horse poop, those stalls aren't going to clean themselves".

I dare you, tonight, unplug the internet, set your phone on silent and ignore it, then go do something.  Bet you lose weight and enjoy it.

Kevin Mee


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