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I Lost Weight and Lost Warmth?
Over the past three years, I got serious about improving my health. I ost about 75 pounds, and have kept them off over the last two years. I have, however, noticed one change.
St. Luke's $10,000 Final Weigh In with 107.9 LITE FM
It has been a long 5 months for the participants of the St. Luke's $10,000 Weight Loss Challenge, but the moment of truth is here.  Participants had their final weigh in to find out their overall weight loss progress and to find out if they were one of the winners of the $10,000...
These Diet Tricks Worked For Me
Do you ever feel bombarded with diet and fitness advice? Me too!  There's a lot of clutter out there, and sometimes I just want to hear one person's story about what worked for them so I can copy it.  Here's what worked for me.
Belt Expands With Your Growing Waistline
I don't know if this is some cruel joke or the most awesome invention in the world. It was unveiled at CES that a belt (named "Belty") will automatically expand if your waistband expands. What's your initial reaction?
How To Stick To Your New Years Resolutions
Making a New Years Resolution is a something most of us do. We do it with great intentions, with enthusiasm and with all the hope in the world. When that enthusiasm wears off...then what? Here's how to stick to our goals and carry them through until we reach the goal we so badly wanted to reach…
What Really Happens When The Internet Goes Down
Yesterday afternoon our internet at the house went down.  After talking with three different tech's on the phone (the first two from India), with each one going through the same steps, they finally figured it was something besides our modem.  O...
You go Brooke!
What an incredible journey!  Brooke Birmingham loses 170 pounds with the help of Weight Watchers.

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