Free WIFI Hotspots Throughout the Treasure Valley
Here's a nice little gift during this really difficult time. WIFI can be one of those annoying expenses, and if your house is like mine, it doesn't even work very good half the time! Thanks to Sparklight, if you don't have WIFI you can use these hotspots and stay connected.
Going Without Home Internet?
First we got rid of the landline, and now it looks like home internet service might be the next thing to go.  Here's why more people are bailing on the internet subscriptions at home.
Where Did "BLOG" Come Form
We do these online articles also known as blogs.  So I got to wondering, what the heck is a blog?  An actual blog is supposed to be a reverse chronological online post. OK, whatever.
Then I got to wondering where did the word blog come from...
What Really Happens When The Internet Goes Down
Yesterday afternoon our internet at the house went down.  After talking with three different tech's on the phone (the first two from India), with each one going through the same steps, they finally figured it was something besides our modem.  O...