Yesterday I got news that Memorial Pet Care had caught fire and had extensive damage.  It broke my heart.  Angie who owns and runs Memorial Pet Care, has one of the hardest jobs in the world, she is the last one to touch your pet before it gets put into the crematorium.

The first animal we had cremated at Memorial Pet Care was a standard poodle named "Goofy." Goofy was the love of Brenda's life and an incredible dog. He died in our arms from a brain tumor at 8, which was much too young and we weren't ready for him to go.

I dropped off Goofy to Memorial Pet Care in Brenda's pink robe that he loved. Angie gave me all the time I needed to say goodbye to him and then told me I could leave him in the robe and she would cremate him in it. I cried ugly all the way home.  About a week later, we got Goofy back, in a little box with half a heart pendant, the other half was in the box with Goofy.  I ugly cried again.

Since then we've had 4 dogs and a horse all taken care of at Memorial Pet Care and when Angie came and pulled our horses Marty off the field, late on a hot, Sunday afternoon, I ugly cried again.  She could have come over on Monday and retrieved Marty, but she understands and knew it wouldn't be right for him to sit there.  I promised our horses that this would be their forever home and they would never be left out at night and Angie helped me keep that promise.  Great I'm about to ugly cry.

Angie and Memorial Pet Care has helped many people around the treasure valley over the years and have the biggest hearts of about anyone I know.

I'm not sure what will be needed to get Memorial Pet Care back up and running and I hope they are planning on being back in business,, but when we find out more we will let you know.  Until that time if you would please like their Facebook page "Memorial Pet Care" and maybe leave a message, it would mean the world to them.

When the time comes to say goodbye to that friend who has been there for you, please call Angie at Memorial Pet Care, you won't regret it.

Kevin Mee


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