When employees leave their shifts at Scentsy Commons this Friday afternoon, they'll do it with a nice, crisp $10 in their pockets!

Why? Because this Saturday, April 28 is International Pay It Forward Day and Scentsy is encouraging their employees to be part of the day of kindness by doing something good with the cash.  IdahoNews.com did the math. With over 1000 employees working at headquarters, they'll dole out over $10,000.

Scentsy employees get a little more creative than just paying for the coffee of the person behind them in line at Dutch Bros. (although, we still love that.)  A project manager tells the television station that she's heard of co-workers doing everything from sticking dollar bills in egg cartons to prepaying for rentals at a Red Box.

We LOVE this and are so happy that a locally operated business is getting the word out about International Pay It Forward Day! Of course, you don't have to work at Scentsy to be part of the good juju.  Here's some ideas you can use to help spread the joy!

10 Random Acts of Kindness

  1. Give your unwanted gift cards to the homeless
  2. Cook a meal for a family who just brought home a new baby from the hospital
  3. E-mail an inspiring blogger, podcaster, etc to thank them for making a difference in your life
  4. Pick up litter along the Boise Greenbelt
  5. Hide inspirational messages on sticky notes around the office
  6. Send new coloring books and crayons to sick kids at St. Luke's
  7. Bake something and share with a group
  8. Leave flowers on someone's doorstep
  9. Talk to your favorite waiter/waitress's manager about their great service
  10. Participate in a 5K for a good cause (May I suggest Robert's Run in New Plymouth on Saturday morning? The money raised will be put toward the memory of child abuse victim Robert Manwill through the Robert Manwill Scholarship fund.  The scholarship funds will be granted to seniors in the New Plymouth High School Class of 2018. I'll be there. Team Run Boise will be there. We'd love for you to be there.)

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