I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the display at Scentsy Commons on my way to an early Black Friday run with some of my friends from Team Run Boise. 

The ironic part? If you laid all the Christmas lights used in Scenty's Christmas display end-to-end it would equal almost the exact milage of the longest run I did in 2016, 26 miles...a marathon. A couple specializing in landscaping and two Scentsy employees laced the 460,000 clubs through the trees on campus.  According to KIVI-TV, that's almost 160,000 more bulbs that what's used in the incredible Idaho Botanical Garden Winter Garden aGlow display.

Haven't got a chance to see it for yourself yet?  There's no better time to check it out than on Tuesday, December 13th between 6:30-8:00 p.m.  That's when Scentsy is hosting their new "Point of Lights" concert featuring choirs from Eagle, Rocky Mountain and Boise State. The concert is scheduled to take place in the Scentsy Commons cafe where they'll buffering free warm beverages and other refreshments for attendees.  The entire event is free to attend!

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