If you're watching the new season of American Idol, you may have seen Katy Perry openly admit that she's completely smitten with contestant, Trevor Holmes. But did you know the part-time construction worker has a bizarre tie to Meridian?

Leading up to Trevor's audition, Luke Bryan was teasing Katy Perry about dating weirdos instead of a real man (and with all due respect, her ex-husband, Russell Brand, is a pretty out there dude.) Cue 27 year-old construction worker, Trevor Holmes.  Luke's immediate reaction was "Good Lord, you're a dreamboat" and you could tell Katy was immediately intrigued by how attractive Trevor really was and how big his heart is.  He's working construction right now to help care for his mom who lives with Lupus.

On the flip side, despite having a girlfriend, Trevor's had a crush on Katy for as long as he can remember.  He even worked her name into Brett Young's song "In Case You Didn't Know" during his audition. Basically, the whole audition was back and forth flirting between Trevor and Katy until his girlfriend game into the room to see how his audition went. At that point, Katy went running, slightly heartbroken, behind the set.

Breaking Treasure Valley Hearts First

Surprisingly, this wasn't the Treasure Valley's first exposure to Mr. Trevor Holmes!  While I was eating breakfast, I was scrolling through my Facebook newsfeed when I saw a post from Amy, one of my friends that sells Scentsy.  I nearly spit my avocado toast all over my computer screen when I read it!

If Trevor looks familiar to you, chances are you regularly look through a Scentsy catalog. When the scented wax maker rolled out their "Scentsy Man" scents like Bonfire, Business Casual and My Dear Watson, Trevor was the model who appeared next to them in Scentsy's first print materials for the new product.

Amy went on to say that Katy's reaction to Trevor's appearance was pretty much identical to those of every single Scentsy consultant when the catalog dropped.

One of our Facebook friends, Rebekah, used to work at Scentsy and tells me that almost every Scentsy employee or consultant had a crush on Trevor.  That Halloween she had her entire team dress up as like him and tweeted him this photo! To their delight, he actually responded to them!

Image via Facebook/Rebekah
Image via Facebook/Rebekah

FYI, Scentsy was created in Salt Lake City in 2003 by Kara Egan and Colette Gunnell.  Current CEO Orville Thompson happened to be selling video games at a home show when he discovered the company and decided to purchase it.  With Egan and Gunnell staying on as the first consultants, Scentsy made it's move to Meridian in 2004.  In it's early days it operated out of a shipping container on the Thompson ranch. It's current home in the gorgeous Scentsy Commons on Eagle Road was completed in 2013.

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