A few years ago, we got to see Dutch Bros co-founder, Travis Boersma, share the story of founding the coffee sensation with his brother on CBS's Undercover Boss. He also shared that his brother passed away in 2009 from ALS (Lou Gehrig's Disease.)

In Dane's memory, every Dutch Bros location in the Treasure Valley is celebrating "Drink One For Dane" today. 100% of today's proceeds will be donated to help find a cure for ALS. Dutch Bros does so much good for the Treasure Valley that we want to help them with this great cause!

If you heard me talk about the event on the air today, you heard me get really choked up. This cause means a lot to me because one of my favorite teachers was diagnosed with ALS in 2013.  Before her diagnosis she was an active mom of three beautiful kids and her father's assistant coach for my high school's girls basketball team. Over the course of five years, the disease has forced her to resign from her teaching position and taken away her ability to walk.

Mrs. T is now at the point where she needs a handicapped equipped vehicle to keep up with her family and recently posted an apology on Facebook for not being able to post or reply to comments anymore because she's losing the ability to use her hands. The disease attacks the nerve cells in the brain and spinal cord, eventually causes its victims to lose the ability to speak and breathe as well.  I can't even think about that happening to someone who was such a positive role model to her students and athletes without crying. It's hard to read articles where she admits "I don't how much time I have left."

So today, I'm drinking one not just for Dane, but for Mrs. T too! Spread the word, drink one for Dane and make a difference!

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