No more having to drive all the way out to Milwaukee to get your Carmelizer or ER 911 fix! 

Who else gets up for work at "stupid o'clock in the morning?"  I'm not talking about your alarm going off at 5 a.m., I'm talking about you already being in the office and grinding away by 5 a.m.  What's the most difficult part of working that early?  For me, it's the fact that I'm awake before the coffee shops are.  I'm not awake enough to make my own coffee that early and really hate the hassle of travel mugs.  I need someone else to take care of me until the caffeine hits my system!

Now those people are there for me when I need them! On my way home from Cyclebar last night, I noticed a giant banner outside the Broadway Avenue Dutch Bros that said "Open 24 hours!"  This is the best news we've heard in Southeast Boise in a long time!

Just to make sure I read that right and wasn't imagining things, I took a quick look at their Facebook page to confirm what I saw.  Turns out the location has been 24/7 since April 21.  I guess I'm late to the party, but if I live in the neighborhood, drive past it all the time and didn't know...chances you didn't either!

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