Canyon County's Taj Ma Hal of Dutch Bros is celebrating their grand opening on Thursday, September 21st! 

If you live in Canyon County, you may have watched the construction of the new Dutch Bros. at Specht Avenue and Franklin.  The new location quietly opened last Friday, but has a grand opening celebration planned for Thursday with free drinks for everyone who considers themselves a part of the Dutch Mafia!

If you're like me, you've become especially attached to "your drink."  Once pumpkin is back in season my drink of choice is a Pumpkin Chai...every...single...time.  You are such a creature of habit that when the baristas see your car roll up they already start making "your drink" don't they? Maybe this grand opening celebration with FREE 16 oz. drinks is a sign that you should change it up!

According to "Rather Be Shopping" Dutch Bros has a secret menu of over 80 drinks you won't see on the list when you pull up to the sign.  Why not use your freebie to try one of these unique creations?

1. The Grasshopper

I will always fondly remember "Grasshopper" as the Keebler cookie from my childhood that so desperately wanted to be a Girl Scout's "Thin Mint."  That said, you shouldn't be surprised that the Grasshopper is a creme de meant mocha with mint and dark chocolate poured in.

2. The Grand Canyon

This one's name really doesn't give anything away about it's ingredients.  It's a "Cookie" breve with dark chocolate poured in it.  The "Cookie" itself is a breve with chocolate macadamia nut and white chocolate in it.  Dutch insiders say that it tastes like your grandmother's chocolate chip cookies fresh out of the oven.

3. German Chocolate

Ladies, let's be honest...there are some days where we don't think there's actually enough chocolate on the planet to satisfy our chocolate cravings. For days like that, there's the "German Chocolate."  It's caramel, coconut and globs of dark chocolate.

4. Cinnamon Toast Crunch Frost

It may be cooler in the Treasure Valley this week but you're not ready to say goodbye to your iced drinks yet, are you? Then take this one for a spin! Blending white chocolate and brown sugar cinnamon, this one tastes like a bowl of your favorite cereal! Want the caffeinated version? Order a "Cinnamon Toast Crunch Freeze" instead.  Frost = no espresso. Freeze = espresso shots added.

5. Wookie Spice

I'm obsessed with everything chai.  If it's not pumpkin season, I'm having a chai nog for the holidays or a straight up chai tea latte, so this is one I've got to try soon! It's steamed Rebel energy drink and Oregon chai tea!  I'm told that it tastes like warm apple cider with just enough kick to get you through that morning meeting that you rather not be in!

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