Are you sick and tired of people making potato jokes about Idaho? Are you at your wit's end with your East Coast friends asking you how the potatoes are? Does grandma still think you work at the potato factory? Well, it's about to get worse. So prepare yourself for more potato puns than you can handle.

This is not a headline we expected to see in 2022, but here we are: The Idaho Potato Commission has concocted a perfume made out of, and smelling like, Idaho Potatoes.

Why? To celebrate 'Idaho Potato Loves Month' this February, of course! Is that a real holiday? We're not sure, but we don't want to anger anyone with enough bravery to invent potato perfume.

How does one create a perfume that smells like french fries? To start, the IPC exclusively used Idaho distilled russet potatoes, along with a little help from some essential oils.

To make the package complete, the perfume (called 'Frites by Idaho') is a stunning shade of yellow, just like your favorite freshly-dipped french fries.

If you thought this tale ended with a single perfume, you're wrong. The IPC has even joked about launching a baked potato perfume as well. Which on paper sounds great considering cheese, bacon, and sourcream all smell like heaven on Earth. Please sign us up for that one when it comes out.

If you'd like to smell like your favorite fast food joint, you can pick up a 1.7oz bottle of Frites by Idaho here. If you dare.

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