If you sleep with the thermostat above 70 at night, you're doing it wrong.  The perfect sleeping temperature is well below that, and it just may freeze you out.

I'm surprised the thermostat doesn't cause more breakups, actually.  No two people seem to be alike when it comes to settling on a sleeping temperature, and if you're anything like me, every person that you've ever slept in the same room with is about five degrees away from comfortable.  Surely it's not me.

The best temperature for sleeping, according to doctors, is somewhere between 60 and 67 degrees. Brr, brr brr.  We might as well be at the North Pole, sleeping outside in a tent.  Until a girl starts having hot flashes, that's just uncivilized.

Because this is what will happen.  The cold air hits cold sheets and your feet become ice cubes because you don't have socks on and you wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, and you'll trip because you can't feel your feet.  Anything below 67 is a health hazard in so many ways.

Somewhere between 68 and 72 seems to be a common spot to set the thermostat, but lower is supposed to be better at night.  To each his own.  My Mom sets the thermostat at 62 and freezes my dad out.  My kids like it colder too.  I'm sticking with 75 and adding that to my Tinder profile to warn potential mate that there is even more risk involved here than he may have thought.  I could add layers, but sleeping in flannel pj's with four blankets isn't all that sexy.

Relationships are hard enough without thermostat issues, and if you and your mate have found the sweet spot you are winning at life.

For better or for worse, and better, apparently, is 63.

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