Idahoans who love having time to themselves are taking "solomoons." A vacation by yourself might be the most refreshing thing you'll do in 2020.  

Everybody needs some time alone, especially right now when there are so many people in your space at home. Even if you're a family of three or four, when everyone has to be at home for work or school, it can feel like a hundred.

Getting away by yourself can be a healthy thing, and that's why more people than ever are booking solomoons.  Think honeymoon, but instead of having to deal with someone else's needs and opinions, you can stick your toes into a white sandy beach, or float in a pool with your eyes closed and relax all by yourself.

Sometimes it's fun to plan an entire vacation around food!  A Zagat study on food trends showed 56 percent of us admit to squeezing in several lunches and dinners each day on vacation, just to make sure we hit all the must-try places in that city.  Ever plan a trip to Chicago just so you can eat deep dish pizza at Gino's East?  Some of us might have.

The Opus Co., Fremont Bowl, and Bok a Bok are hot in Seattle, and worth the trip.  A 4-day weekend in Seattle can turn into a twenty restaurant feast if you plan it right and practice some competitive eating techniques headin' in so your stomach can handle it.

What restaurants do visitors hit in Boise?  The Boise Fry Company, Chandler's, Fork, and Bittercreek Alehouse come to mind.  Oh, and Guru Donuts five times!  I'm sure you can add to the list.

If you don't plan a trip around food, maybe it's a state park, Yellowstone, Lake Coeur d'Alene. Hells Canyon, Sawtooth National Recreation Area, or Craters of the Moon.  Those are all a breath of fresh air, literally.

If you go alone, you can make the rules about what time you get up, where you eat, and whether or not you leave the comfy beach chair.  It doesn't have to be an expensive trip, and it could be just the refresher this pandemic needs.

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