Just a week before his season finale airs, the star of The Bachelor Season 25 is spending time in one of Idaho's premiere resort towns! 

Sun Valley has always been something of a hot spot for celebrity sightings in Idaho, dating back to the 1930s. 1939 is when Ernest Hemingway penned For Whom the Bell Tolls in Suite 206 at Sun Valley Lodge.

Marilyn Monroe shot two movies there in 1956, How to Marry a Millionaire and Bus Stop. There's a rare color photo of her enjoying dinner at The Ram Restaurant, which has been a Sun Valley staple since 1937. Lucille Ball traveled to Sun Valley in 1958 to film the final episode of the The Lucy-Desi Comedy Hour appropriately titled "Lucy Goes to Sun Valley."

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Since then, big names like Bill Gates, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Robin Williams, Clint Eastwood and Bruce Willis have owned property in Sun Valley.

Matt James, star of the current season of The Bachelor, might not be as big of a name as the folks we mentioned above but he has helped the reality-dating series make history. The franchise has been heavily criticized for its lack of diversity when it comes to casting their leading man. When James's season began in January, he made history as the first Black Bachelor in the show's history. (Rachel Lindsay, was the first Black Bachelorette in 2017.)

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So what's the reality TV star doing in Sun Valley? From what we can tell via his Instagram stories, he's enjoying some downtime snowboarding with his buddy Tim Buckley. The friends, along with their buddy Phil Fajgenbaum, also visited Sun Valley for Buckely's birthday in January as seen in this photo.

The spoilers about how James's season of the show ends are relentless right now and we promise not to tell who the winner is or how the finale plays out. Let's just say, in total Bachelor fashion the finale and "After the Final Rose" will be amongst the "most dramatic ever."

We're down to the final two contestants, Michelle Young and controversial contestant, Rachael Kirkconnell.  The season finale airs next Monday, March 15 on Channel 6.


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