I mention this a lot, but I have a huge soft spot for teachers.  Growing up, teachers were always some of my biggest supporters, biggest role models, and just all around solid humans.  There are some that I'm STILL friends with to this day and can get together with at the bar.

If you're a teacher or know a teacher--I appreciate you!  Oh, and by the way...you should get over to Target for a teachers only special this week only!

Many educators have to pay out of their own pockets for school and classroom supplies each year, which if you as me, just isn't fair.  Need to stretch those dollars for your classroom? Target is offering a 15% DISCOUNT to any teachers that get their coupon printed off from online.

Just go to THIS LINK, click on "get the coupon", enter your credentials, and get your coupon--it's that simple. The sale ends July 21st.

Happy shopping, happy saving, and thanks for all you do, teachers!

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