Mom is looking for man who hit her kid with his SUV.   Here are the details:

Hi there,

My son was hit by a car Friday, March 13th while he was walking home from school. He is okay thankfully, but I had to take him to the hospital to have his leg checked out. The man who hit my son, he didn't leave any information. He asked if he was ok, my son said yes but his leg was sore and the man offered him 5 bucks for his ruined Jamba Juice. My son declined but the man insisted. Then left.

My son has Aspergers. He is 14 and attends Lowell Scott. My son I'm sure was scared, embarrassed and just wanted out of there. I would like to ask for the public's help. I'm sure he lives in my neighborhood. The police have filed a report. We are not considering this a hit and run, but this man should be liable for medical cost.

I'd also like to bring awareness that any adult should have the common sense to notify the parents or call the police. I know he wasn't aware that my son has Aspergers, but there are so many children who do and when a situation like this occurs, they are non verbal or scared and will play it off to not draw attention. The other thing people need to realize is Asperger or Autistic children do not register pain the way we do. My son limped home.

The man was an older man possibly in his 40's-50's, he was bald on top with white hair going around the sides. He had a white beard with mustache and was trimmed nicely. He drove a dark blue small SUV that was in "nice" condition.

The accident occurred last Friday around 3:45-4pm at the entrance of the Legends Subdivision on McMillan. There was a car behind him that may know the vehicle. Please, I'm asking for help to find him. He should be held accountable. My son was in the crosswalk and the man was turning right and looking left. There was a bus that had stopped to let a child off. My son actually stood there waiting to make sure the bus driver saw him and wasn't going to turn. My son assumed the man in the SUV saw him.

Accidents happen, but no adult should ever leave a child after hitting them. My son was knocked to the ground so he hit him kind of hard. The Dr. Said people have no idea what injuries they can cause to a child even though they seem fine. Please help. Please leave a message here or please call Boise Police Dept.

Thank you!!!    DaNay Salas

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