It all started with a tumor thing on the end of my finger. I did a post on it in November and asked advice. I ignored that advice, like most men do, until Brenda got a good look at it and decided it was a tumor thingy.  BYW, this post is being written under the influence of Hydro/Oxy something or other. Back to our story. Since that would need to be surgically  removed and I had an Inguinal Hernia that would need to be taken care of, I decided to get them both done within a week of each other,

I just pulled the stitches from the finger, they were ready to come out so why wait. As for the hernia surgery. I had it Wednesday when I got off the air. I don't remember much, except my doctor was a riot. He asked if I had any concerns, and I told him, "Nope, if I wake up great, if I don't, the life insurance will pay for everything, Brenda would still have to work, but the bills would be paid."  He liked my thinking, just enough life insurance but not too much,

Dr Barresi and Me
Dr Barresi and Me

Well I woke up. Since then I've watched the Superbowl 3 times, slowing down the good parts where Cam Newton gets pounded. Eight movies and had a new basketball delivered by our oldest son Kenny.  I left it kind of flat so I wouldn't be inclined to start bouncing it.

Now as for post hernia surgery, I was told to keep up on the pain medicine and like a man, figured last night would be it for them.  Bad move, woke up this morning, took one step and felt a stabbing pain just left of my manhood area.  Me and Hydro/Oxy what ever it is became friends real quick.

surgery leaving

From reading all my material, it says a week to two weeks is the usual recovery time before you head back to work.  I intend to be back Tuesday after Presidents Day. I may be on a little Hydro/Oxy what ever it is, but that will make it more fun, just ask my boss.

There was no video taken of me coming out of sedation, yeah baby I managed to keep that one from happening.

Doing well and heading to another movie.

Kevin Mee

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