This is my first raspberry harvest of the season and they tasted amazing!  So proud of my little organic, pesticide free raspberry patch.   I trimmed them back when they first started to bud back in April and watched in May as the bee's showed up to work their magic.  Now now it looks like I will have a bumper crop of berries this year!  Kinda ironic too when I remember that my raspberries were originally just "trash."

The neighbor's kid's had ripped them up out of the ground and tossed them aside when they were thinning their mess of brambles.  I hated to see them just wind up as compost so I scooped them up and gave them a new home and lots of TLC.  If plants have feelings I think mine love me back and the proof is in the amazing berries I am blessed with each summer.  Raspberries are also low in calories (if I don't put them over ice cream) and according to Dr. Oz they are chock full of all kinds of healthy stuff.


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