Saturday night, Brenda and I went on a date. We had some money left on a gift card to Solid, the night was beautiful and it had been a long time since we had been out, especially in BODO.  Hey, if we worked it right, both the date and parking would maybe cost us five bucks. Cheap and romantic, you can't beat that.

For 12 bucks you can get a great plate of nachos at Solid.  We had $12.58 on the card, so we ordered nachos and water.  I got to talking with our waitress and found out she used to work security at Fiddler's Green.

Brenda and I have had quite a few fun times at Fiddler's Green. Come to find out our waitress was one of the security at Fiddler's Green during a Jimmy Buffet concert.The Jimmy Buffet concert where Brenda started a conga line that ended up stretching and winding through the outdoor theater.

Fiddler's Green, holds up to 40,000 people and for her part, Brenda had a person in a huge parrot costume right behind her and behind him at least a thousand parrot heads. The line was so impressive that Jimmy told security to let them go right down front.  She congaed for about 30 minutes while Jimmy kept the party going.

It's funny how life goes, who you run in to.  Shortly after this picture our date came to a screeching halt.  Check Mechanic Yoga for that story.