Saturday Night while Brenda and I were on our date, which doesn't happen very often, we got a call from our youngest son Kody.  Come to find out, he was downtown too, which is cool, since our kids actually like hanging out with their parents.

The downside of the call was his car was acting up, seems the brakes weren't working.  Suddenly our date became a rescue mission. (Cue Music)  After hitting Winco for some brake fluid, we went to the car. It took seconds to figure out the problem as people whizzed by on 9th street. All this time I thought there was some sort of speed limit under 90 downtown, but after standing next to his car Saturday night, I realized I was sadly mistaken.

Turned out it was his power brake booster which meant there were still brakes, just not the easy push ones.  Knowing I had brakes, I headed home on the connector to 84 to Ten Mile.

When I called Brenda to tell her my route, she said "The highway!" Yeah the highway, fewer lights, less stopping and a faster route home. Besides, if anything happened I could always say the brakes failed. Nothing happened, I got the car home safe.

machanic yoga

About 11 Sunday morning, I started work on what was our car and had become our son's. Now he is very protective of it since it's the same age he is, right down to the month it came off the assembly line, so he hates it when I call it names. Dang, my French would have to be toned down.

mechanic yoga 2

To take out the power brake assist, it involves working from both the engine compartment and under the dash, in places only either a contortionist or a double jointed masochist can reach.  I was up, down, twisted, stretched, arm above my head, arm to the side. I was sweating like mad, had myself in positions I'd never been in until then.

mechanic yoga

I'm not that fat, my back is arched over the door frame. It did stretch my back though.

It got me to thinking there must be something to Yoga and maybe I could combine, mechanics with Yoga and create "Mechanic Yoga."  There would be some differences. I would have to come up with different names for the positions. There wouldn't be any peaceful music, everything would be blasted, especially The Eagles and Jimmy Buffet, (hmmm, there seems to be a Jimmy Buffet theme here) and at times French would be spoken...very loudly.

It also made me realize that I had better make sure my diet is where it should be, get my workouts and bike rides in and maybe do some Yoga. Why? Because there isn't a single person in the house who knows how to do these things, so I can't die yet.  Up next, installing the new clothes dryer...yes I have to do that this afternoon too.

Kevin Mee

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