There are quite a few bargains available across the Treasure Valley right now. I searched the Boise Craigslist and OfferUp to find the most interesting items that are available.

Boise OfferUp

Believe it or not, you can have a pen. There is nothing special about the pen, other than it's available for trade. That's right, you can't just have this pen outright. It requires a trade. That's also what makes this a little bit interesting. The person that wishes to trade this pen started with a paper clip six months ago and has traded up to the pen. Just what this person will wind up with is anyone's guess.

Boise CraigsList

Suppose you're still using a Commodore 64 or McIntosh computer. In that case, you're probably not reading this because it's still loading this text on its all-green screen. But you should probably have the books that help to teach you this outdated technology.

Have you ever thought that you could improve the atmosphere of a Steelheads game by playing the organ? Charge! Maybe you want to play creepy music at your house on Halloween. Now you can with your very own organ!  All you have to do is pick it up in Nampa and have something big enough to drive it home.

Boise OfferUp

Have you ever been sitting at home and thought to yourself, "It sure would be nice to be frustrated right now!" You're in luck! Because you can have these fifteen 500 piece puzzles for just seven dollars. A few of them are pictures of things in the Treasure Valley, and one is a Boise State Broncos puzzle.

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