No matter where you were in the Treasure Valley last night, I'm sure you experienced at least part of the storm that moved through.  At my house in Meridian, we got a little bit of everything.

It started with the wind/dust storm that began suddenly.  I raced out to lower the patio umbrella (I've already lost one this year to a wind gust).  Got that taken care of and shut the windows and doors, and watched as the foothills disappeared behind the "cloud."

Heavy rain wasn't too far behind, then bursts of hail, and some strong winds (gusting up to 55mph I found out later watching the weather).

Our neighborhood backs up to a large empty lot with new homes being built, so the open dirt mixed with wind created quite the storm, and without trees or buildings, the wind came right through our yards without slowing down with other trees or buildings.

We had a limb of my neighbor's tree that split and landed at the side of my house, but fortunately, no damage.  None of my trees were affected.

In my three years in the Treasure Valley, I don't remember a windstorm that was so powerful or came on so quickly, but in typical Boise style, the calm after provided an incredible sunset.

I would love to see your pictures and hope you made it through alright at your place.


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