During the workday, it's only natural to crave a few minutes of downtime to break up meetings and deadlines. If the way you do that is by reaching for your smartphone and scrolling through Zillow, you already know what's happening. 

Nikki Cameron-Jones
Nikki Cameron-Jones

The median listing prices for homes in Boise are slowly starting to trickle down. We mean really slowly. Realtor.com shows that the average listing price in Boise for June was $569.9K, down slightly from $579K in May. That's hard to be excited about when they also show that home prices are up 10.7% from where they were a year ago and that we're still in a seller's market.

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The Boise housing market is a joke and for those hoping to buy, it can be frustrating when people say "just wait it out, things will get better." It feels like we've been waiting for an eternity and listings like this? They just add injury to insult.

BEHOLD - the tiniest single-family home on the market in Boise. It's unclear exactly how much the house last sold for when it was on the market in 2016, but Realtor.com shows that the last asking price before listing it as "SOLD" was $89,900. Flash forward six years and the asking price is more than 3.5 times that!

So what do you get for that $340,000 asking price? Take a look at what's crammed into 495 square feet.

See Inside The Tiniest Home For Sale In Boise

In early August, this home near the Quinn's Pond is the smallest home for sale in Boise. It measures just 495 square feet. Could you see yourself living here?

SOLD: Someone Actually Bought This Tiny Boise Home for Over $300,000

In early June 2022, this West Boise home is the smallest home for sale in Boise. It measures just 474 square feet. It hit the market for $379,000 in late May and sold less than a month later. We're not sure what the final price was, but shortly before it sold, the asking price dropped to $339,900.

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Have you ever wondered what the condos on Crescent Rim Drive look like inside? There's one for sale! Check out this luxury listing to satisfy your curiosity!

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