Boise State will hold its spring graduation on May 5th, and they're expecting another capacity crowd.  There are some things we all need to know.

First of all, congrats to the grads!  We know there are still papers and tests in front of you this semester before you walk across that stage and collect your degree, but you're so close!  All of the studying is about to pay off.

Boise State's Spring Commencement is set for May 5th, and because capacity crowds are expected at Taco Bell Arena that day, the school is allotting no more than five tickets to each grad for friends and family members to attend.

Boise State used to hold graduation ceremonies outside, but moved things inside to Taco Bell Arena to take the weather factor out of the equation.  Even wind is a bad thing at graduation since caps and gowns don't mix well with a breeze, and rain would be worse.  This way there's nothing to worry about.

Things to know about Boise State's Spring Commencement:

--The Student Union Building will have viewing rooms for friends, families and supporters.  There's no cap on the number of people who can watch things at the SUB.

--The university has a set a new record for graduates in each of the past nine years, and with the growing crowds they've got to limit each student to 5 tickets.

--We can all stream the ceremony online at

This will also be the last commencement ceremony for President Bob Kustra and Provost Martin Schimpf, who are both stepping away from their roles this summer.

Again, congrats grads.  I hope you can take some time to relax and appreciate the accomplishment before you launch yourself head first into your new career.  Like at least til May 6th or 7th, ok?  Now back to the tests and papers.

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