Not long before the chain filed for bankruptcy last fall, there were reports that they would close 400-500 of the 2,054 stores that it was still operating across seven states. 

Of course, the chain we’re talking about is Rite-Aid. Leading up to filing for bankruptcy, the Wall Street Journal reported that the company was not just $3.3 billion in debt, it was also embattled in lawsuits for illegally filling opioid painkillers. Their best chance at survival was to file for Chapter 11 and start cutting underperforming stores. Would that solve all of their problems? No. But it would dramatically reduce how much the pharmacy chain was spending on rent. 

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The initial list of closures released in October 2023 only included 154 stores but over the last few months, Rite-Aid has continued to add additional locations to the list. At the beginning of 2024, they announced they’d be cutting another 72 of those locations. 22 of them happened to be in California. 

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In March, they announced a handful of additional closures which included a location at 9715 Otis Street in Southgate and 1670 Garnet Ave in San Diego. 

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The most recent list of closures was released on Tuesday, April 2 and it included way more than a “handful” of locations. This time around Rite-Aid announced 30 more stores that were getting the ax. 12 of those locations are located in California. 

Is your neighborhood Rite-Aid Closing? Here’s a look at the California locations that appeared on that new list of closures. 

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