The perfect body. It's everywhere. What is it? Who determines what "perfect" is? This is something that has come up AGAIN after Victoria's Secret launched their new Body by Victoria line with a photo of several woman with similar small figures with a line that read The Perfect "Body". There has been quite a response. But what IS the response here?

We're starting a discussion on our Facebook page where I've posted the image from Victoria's Secret.

As women, we are influenced by so many things - all of which lead to the idea of perfection. While so many women are comfortable with their bodies and the appearance of their life, so many are not. It's tough to block out the influencers who tell you what your house should look like, how you should parent, how you should dress and what your body should look like. You know, the "right" way.

However, when the tables turn and we, as women and moms and aunts and grandmothers are watching our little ones become influenced, it gets real. It's at that point when we can look at the situation and see it more clearly - we can determine what really matters. This is one of those times.

In regards to Victoria's Secret ad about 'The Perfect "Body,"' an all-female underwear line called Dear Kate has responded by creating their own editorial image made of powerful women of different races, different hair colors and, of course, different body types. See that ad HERE.

Now it's your turn to be heard. It may not be a big deal to you or it may be huge. How do you react to this? What do you say to yourself or a little one questioning the truth? Comment below or comment on Facebook.

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