Since 1977, a moving company named United Van Lines has done an annual migration survey to see which states were the most popular destinations to move to and which states were driving people away.

Idaho appeared in their “Top 10 States to Move To” list from 2014-2021, taking the #1 spot in both 2019 and 2020, but the love affair with the Gem State is changing. When they released their report for 2022, Idaho sunk to #15. 

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While Idaho’s inbound traffic continues to outpace its outbound traffic, United Van Lines found that about 45% of traffic was outbound from Idaho. It’s the most outbound traffic they’ve seen from Idaho since 2014. Those figures are pretty close to driver’s license migration data tracked by the Idaho Transportation Department.

(By the way this following graphic is a representation of the top three states outgoing Idahoans are chosing to move to.) 


Those ITD figures show that over 57,000 told Idaho “see you later” in 2021 (the most recent year of ITD data available.) That’s a huge 49% jump from 2020. Moving in 2020 was more difficult because of COVID restrictions, so if you want to compare that number to the last “normal” year in the world, it’s a 32% jump from the number of people who left Idaho in 2022. 

Why are so many people leaving Idaho? Well, United Van Lines asked their customers and here’s what they told them. 

6 Reasons People Abandoned Idaho and Moved Somewhere Else in 2022

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Our sources include Neighborhood Scout, which uses FBI crime data or their safety rankings, the American Census Bureau,,, which allows current and former residents to grade their state/city/town and Crime Index means the city is safer than (X)% of cities in America. 

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