New York Fashion Week isn't for the masses. We can't relate much to the models walking down the runway in designs we'll never see in our local Target. It's also not likely we'll wear a giant peacock feather with lights spread across our back and arm. This year, however, NYFW has seen a change - real people. 


Yesterday, the introduction of "normcore" anti-fashion fashion was revealed. OMG comfortable clothing that isn't trendy but can still be cute? Yep, we've known that since we started buying our own clothes. What we didn't know is how designers were looking to our clothing preferences to design their new line.


Today, comes a story about a woman walking down the runway - but doesn't have legs...or arms.


Carrie Hammer is a designer who featured a woman in a wheelchair modeling designs on the runway for the Carrie Hammer Spring/Summer 2014 collection. Carrie is proud of the way she approaches fashion saying, she "creates designs fro women who are often ignored by the high fashion market."


Quadruple amputee, Karen Crespo saw what the designer had done and sent an email thanking her for giving a physically disabled person a chance in the fashion world. This email turned into a conversation which turned into Karen walking the runway for the Carrie Hammer show during New York Fashion Week.


See how happy she is. This gives me chills.


The world is a better place with people like Carrie Hammer.

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