Do you have this embarrassing problem?

   Now you don't have to be ashamed because I have it too! 

I am tech challenged.  There.  I said it.  Seriously, sometimes I get frustrated with the simplest of how to turn on my phone or how to restart my computer.  I used to become irritated and impatient with myself but now I just speak up and ask for help.  Usually anyone over the age of 5 can help me with my quandary.

I used to feel embarrassed and a little ashamed that I haven't merged with the masses and magically soaked up all the current techie knowledge that seems to mysteriously seep into others from watching all the "Harry Potter" movies or something.  However, I can cook from scratch without recipes, diagnose a kid with a fever from fifty paces and grow blue ribbon strawberries.  So I'm not stupid.  I just haven't had time between putting home cooked meals on the table and keeping the house just clean enough to keep away the health inspectors to learn all the computer what's it's, widgits and apps.  Heck, I haven't even had time to read the Harry Potter books or even watch all the movies.

So when you hear me say you can "Ask Mee Anything" I'm serious.  I won't ever mock you or make you feel stupid especially when it comes to computer stuff.  The other day a friend mumbled something to me and wouldn't make eye contact.   Her question?  She'd been to our 107.9 Lite FM facebook page but didn't know how to go about "liking" it.  She was so relieved when I explained to her that several months ago I had to have my son show me where the "like" button was - cuz I didn't have a clue either.   I also didn't know back then that "liking" a page meant that when the page I "liked" did status updates it would show up automatically on my newsfeed so I could just scroll through and get info without having to necessarily go hunting for it.  That's why a lot of times you'll hear me encourage you to "like" our facebook page because it'll save you time and keep you in the loop and up to date on all the exciting things we have coming up.

Here's the *picture I promised my friend I would post showing just where to click to "like" our facebook page.

If you want to "Ask Mee Anything" you can call me Mon-Fri 5:30-10 am at 383-1079 or leave me a message on facebook or drop me an

You can also follow me on twitter.  However, just a warning, I am still just learning all the benefits and what-the-hecks with twitter so please be patient with me as I add to my techie knowledge.  Thanks  ~  Brenda

*No need for the tech staff here at radio station to freak out.  I didn't actually use a marker and color the arrow on the screen.   I created the arrow on paper, cut it out with real scissors and then used scotch tape to affix it to the screen.  Then I took a picture of the screen with my phone/camera and emailed it to myself and then inserted it into this blog.  I know there are probably all kinds of "art" or "photo shop"  and "apps" and all that I could have used but this morning I went "old school" and still got the job done.