Proposed legislation in the State of Oregon could have those who partake in the marijuana looking at higher prices when they make purchases in Oregon dispensaries. For the past seven years, folks have been able to buy marijuana LEGALLY in the State of Oregon and the amount of revenue that the State of Oregon has made off of the taxes has been surreal.

Per capita, Ontario, Oregon is actually the state's leader in sales. Many believe that Idahoans are to thank for the large sales figures.

By the way, after seeing how much money that "little 'ol Ontario" saw from Marijuana sales, many in Idaho think that it could be beneficial to the Gem State, too..

These 5 Things Could be Funded by Idaho with 100 Million Dollars

While Idaho remains anti-marijuana, a small city just to the West of the Treasure Valley is home to a $100 million added income because of the forbidden plant. While we aren't advocating for marijuana use, more and more states are legalizing the usage of this organic plant and local governments are making a LOT of revenue that otherwise, they would never see. What could Idaho do with some additional funds? Well, here are some ideas.
Of course, not everyone agrees, like this man who made his plea on Twitter to Boise radio host, Kevin Miller: 

So what does this new legislation suggest and what could it mean for Oregonians and Idahoans alike--if they really are going across the state border? If passed, it could mean significantly higher prices.

If one were to purchase marijuana in Ontario or anywhere in Oregon today--they would be paying a 3% tax and one representative behind the bill says that compared to other states with legalization--that's extremely low.

Meanwhile in Idaho, the simple use of CBD is still in question...

Is CBD Something We Should Use and Trust?

CBD is still relatively knew and unknown, yet it has absolutely blown up around the Treasure Valley. Is this a good or bad thing?

With Oregon legislators crediting Idaho for the major sales in Ontario, they can't help but see the benefit of more tax money, which would pay for road improvements--they say Idahoans are the ones wearing these roads down! 

It comes down to local voters who would need to vote on a tax increase--but the proposed new tax rate of 10% would be significantly higher.

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