Looking around my neighborhood, it seems like people are quick to chip in and help if it's needed, but Idaho is getting its butt kicked when it comes to generosity overall.  

As we get close to Thanksgiving, Wallethub ranked the states and said Utah is the most giving state in America.  Our neighbors over in Montana ranked 33rd, Oregon is #4, and Washington is 14th. Idaho rolls in at #25, which isn't terrible, but it feels like we should be higher than that.  That's such a non-generous thing to say.  Ha!  I mean, we're totally happy for our neighbors for ranking high on the generous list and we have nothing but love for them.  But Idahoans might have something to prove.

From what I've seen in my little neighborhood behind the grocery store, we're pretty good at helping each other. My neighbor always squirts extra water on my lawn when he's out watering his in the summer, and he has intercepted packages for me so the porch pirates don't swipe them first. And, when there's a big disaster, we come through with huge food drives and rebuild efforts.  We could probably do a better job of returning grocery carts to the cart return in the grocery store parking lot, but for the most part, it seems like we do the right thing.

Wallethub said these are the ten most charitable states in America:

1 Utah
2 Minnesota
3 Maryland
4 Oregon
5 Ohio
6 Pennsylvania
7 Virginia
8 North Dakota
9 Maine
10 Colorado

Source: WalletHub

At #25, Idaho is not as terrible as our friends in Nevada when it comes to generosity (they're 45th), but we're not as free with our time and money as the folks in Wyoming, Colorado, and Utah are. Monetary donations and volunteer hours were two big factors in coming up with the rankings.

I've seen a few drop boxes around town to collect new, unwrapped toys, and I told my girls to start thinking about what kids their age might want for Christmas so we can drop off some gifts.

And now is the time to donate to Christmas Wish!  We are giving food, gifts, and love to folks around the Treasure Valley who are facing a rough time this holiday season because even in a pandemic year, Idahoans come through.

Donate now at Pioneer Federal Credit Union and we will end 2020 on a good note.  

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