The Treasure Valley is an extremely generous place, and we're seeing evidence of that again, as a local company has donated a new roof to the Meridian Food Bank. 

Big credit goes to Idaho Roofing Contractors who provided the new roof to the food bank, saving them an estimated $10,000.  It wasn't just a luxury item either, as the old roof had been leaking and was in bad shape.  That was making parts of the building unusable and could have meant more damage had repairs not been completed.

KTVB Newschannel 7 ran a story about the donation that showed how important this repair was for food bank programs.  The area repaired houses some very important materials for the backpack program that is operated with West Ada School District giving children in need meals over the weekends.

The food bank provides these every weekend in the school year and estimate that they distribute around 20,000 meals.

The food bank noted that this gift allows them to put the money that would have been spent on repairs or securing other storage space to use on providing food.  It's good news for the backpack program, and others in need in our community.

Idaho Roofing Contractors said they wanted to help the community out, and with this donation, they certainly are.

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