Thanks to our conversation last week, I know I'm not the only one that took a little longer to get Christmas decorations up inside the house this year.  I am glad to say it's done.

At least on the inside of the house.

I haven't done outdoor lights yet, but that's another story.

Connell - Finished Tree & Us

My kiddo got back to our house from his time at his mom's, and we finished up our decorating that we had started last week.  We made some hot chocolate, turned on LITE-FM and enjoyed the Christmas Music, and then to to work finishing up our tree.

There are definitely some clusters of ornaments, we didn't distribute equally on the back-side of the tree, and when the lights are off, you can see we missed a few spots, but you know what?  It's perfect.  It's us and it was our project together.

It was fun to turn off the TV, crank up some Christmas, and work together on the project.  I like the conversations that come from it, and I like the quality time.  Making memories together is always worth the investment in time.

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