Stores put Christmas decorations out early for people like me.  I'm sorry!  I'm packing up my three girls this weekend and we're going to get a Christmas tree.

We're not going to chop it down or anything.  We're just going to the big box, craft supply store and buying a pre-lit 7-footer to haul home, and we might listen to Christmas music on the way.  (Piper's preschool sent home a CD of Christmas songs this week that she has to learn for her Christmas carol program, so we kinda have to listen to Rudolph already. I know.  Everyone is preppin' already.  Deep breath.)

I will resist the urge to actually put up the tree this weekend and drag the Christmas stockings out of the attic and all of that.  (We still have a Halloween cat hanging on the front door after all, that I've forgotten to take down.)  But we're buying the tree and it will probably sit in the box in it's designated spot in the formal living area until it's time to erect it.  Christmas will be detectable, and at the very least the dog will know it's coming soon.

When do  you put up the tree?  I just can't wait until after Thanksgiving like most normal people do.  Not only is it my favorite time of year and I want to soak up every minute of lights, carols, and tree, but it's also the busiest time of the year!  It's one Christmas program or party after another, right?  We all have to spin that seasonal stuff into the hamster wheel that's already going pretty fast, and getting a head start helps.

The tree is one thing.  Shopping is another.  Five million people say they're already done shopping.  Those are true early birds who will be stress free this holiday season.  You are my heroes!

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