It doesn’t happen very often, so the next total eclipse of the sun is something you definitely don’t want to miss if you can help it, especially when that eclipse is going to center right over the top of the Treasure Valley. So make sure you mark this date on your calendar:


August 21, 2017.....Yes, I know it’s a year away, but this is a pretty big deal, because a major solar eclipse is headed straight over Idaho and that doesn't happen very often.....As a matter of fact the last time the U.S saw a total eclipse that covered the middle of the country was during World War I. So it's not something you want to miss, because it could be a once in a lifetime event for you.

According to “As it traverses the United States, the total eclipse will be visible within a path of darkness stretching from Oregon through Idaho, Wyoming, Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri, Illinois, Kentucky, Tennessee, Georgia, North Carolina and finally South Carolina. The path will average 67 miles in width, but it will widen to a maximum of 71 miles while moving through western Kentucky.”

If you look at the map, we here in Boise will not be the center of the Eclipse, but we are within a short 45 minute drive north to see the full total eclipse.  But even here in Boise we will see most of it.

The Eclipse will begin at about 10:10 in the morning, with the peak at 11:27 and ending at 12:50.