The video of this young nurse in Utah being abused by law enforcement has gone viral.  It turns out she was protecting a man from right here in Idaho, and here's the kicker: the man in critical condition is also part of law enforcement.

Bill Gray is a truck driver and reserve officer for the Rigby Police Department.  Officer Gray was involved in a bad accident after a suspect was fleeing from police, and hit Gray's vehicle in the process. The suspect died instantly when flames engulfed both his and Gary's vehicles - and left Gray in critical condition.  There was no wrong doing on Gray's part, therefore local doctors and nurses found no need to provide a blood sample to police officers that arrived at the scene.

Local hospital workers protected Gray's rights as a patient, since blood is property of the human it belongs to. Without an arrest warrant or Gray providing consent (which Gray couldn't provide given he was in an induced a coma) the nurse featured above, stood up for Gray.

The hospital's refusal to work with them, instead of following the law upset law enforcement, and caused an officer to arrest the nurse for her failure to comply.

The Rigby Police Department is behind this nurse 100% and applaud her for her actions.  Their main concern now is for Officer Gray to make it and get better as soon as possible.  A GoFundMe page has been set up in his honor.

The video has been seen by millions and has the public crying for the firing of this officer.  He was in direct violation of the Fourth Amendment which requires law enforcement to have a warrant before obtaining information.

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